Guild Wars 1 – Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall

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Man tracking down a copy of the Guild Wars Trilogy and expansion was waaay harder than it should have been. Yeah I could have gotten them on steam but steam wants ~$50 for both. There’s no way in hell I’m paying nearly full price for a game that’s almost 9 years old. You would think that I would be able to find some site to buy the keys for them … but nearly all the normal key sites don’t have them in stock. They’ll have each campaign – Prophecies, Nightfall, and Factions + expansion separately but not the combined pack. If you buy each separately you would end up paying ~$60! Just crazy …

I finally found the keys at this site:

Don’t worry about the German site – it’s legit. I got my keys in a couple of minutes through email and paid through paypal. Now … if Arenanet would fix their damn account creation I would be a happy camper. I spent an hour and a half just trying to create a Guild Wars 1 account and log in. You see you have to have a login with Guild Wars, the NCsoft store (not the same), and, if you own GW2, GW2 (also not the same). That’s right … THREE separate accounts and logins. It’s just so backwards I don’t even …

Now I can at least earn rewards for GW2 while playing Guild Wars. Do you guys still play? If so we should do a stream party or something.

Guild Wars 2 – Forever Spins Glitch [Stream Highlights]

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So I may have broken Guild Wars 2 the other day on stream. Turns out that some of the diving goggles around the game allow you to do dive tricks as you jump off into the water. This time I jumped off, did a cannonball …. and then the game broke. Gotta say that glitch was hilarious up until I leveled and it stopped. According to Reddit it’s possible to do this with the “twirl” trick as well but I haven’t been able to reproduce the glitch since. Just imagine … an entire herd of forever spinning Nords … *shudder*