X’s Comic Powder Episode

I’m usually not one to gush about people – especially people I’ve never actually met first hand. However, those of you who may have followed me for a while probably know that I’m a big fan of X (davidr64yt). Without going into too much detail, I really enjoy his laid back style and the “purity” of his work. (That is, he’s never seemed to be someone who does stuff just for the monetary benefit on youtube.) Well I’ve been watching X’s videos on the game Powder and been enjoying the heck out of them. Well he did something in the latest episode that surprised the hell out of me. Watch this about 15:40 into it:

That comic in the middle of the LP? That was awesome. I’ve never thought about crossing over the two genera before and it gives me some ideas for the future. Well if that wasn’t enough he posted another video of him actually making the comic. The video is sped up a bit but you can see the whole process:

Yeah and that music in the background? If I remember correctly that was music that he composed himself. All part of the reason I love a lot of the content that man puts out. It also inspires me to possibly try the comic thing myself one day.

Now … if only I could draw … O.o

Powder: One Amazing Roguelike

So, as most of you know, I am a fan of X (davidr64yt). Well the last few days he’s been uploading some videos of a game called Powder. You can find his playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEC16E5745590FD7D

I can’t say I’ve ever really played a rougelike before. I mean, I own Dungeons of Dredmor and it’s expansion but it’s never been a game that I’ve played more than 5 minutes of. Well I watched all of X’s videos on Powder and immediately decided to look it up. It turns out it was created by Jeff Lait as a Game Boy Advanced game. After browsing his website (http://www.zincland.com/powder/) I found that he has made the game available on just about every platform out there. Everything from Linux to IOS is represented. HOLY CRAP! Of course I immediately downloaded it for my iPad and, after doubling the size of the screen got to playing immediately. For a game with no sound and very simple graphics I’ve got to say it really impresses the hell out of me. Even on IOS the controls are very intuitive and combine the use of an on screen controller and touch controls. I am DEFINATELY doing a one-shot of this game just as soon as I can put down the IOS version.

Check out Powder and download the version that suits you!