Sunless Sea – Early Access Gameplay [One Shots Live]

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So the last time I livestreamed I tried something a little different. I recorded a “live” version of my One Shots series for the game Sunless Sea. Now some of you may have noticed that the One Shots series has shifted from more of a “what I’m playing” to an edited (and scripted) impressions/review show. Since Sunless Sea is so heavily text based and playthoughs can easily last hours if not days, I decided I would go ahead and play through one life and then upload it to youtube. Overall I think that the format worked out ok but I may tweak it in the future. The Sunless Sea video is over an hour long so I hope that doesn’t scare too many people away. What do you guys think?

Thanks again for Toof for getting me a copy of Sunless Sea! <3<3<3