Terraria Multiplayer – Capture the Flag 6 (featuring Hero, Emma, Matt)

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So this is the last episode of Terraria: Capture the Flag I recorded with Hero, Matt, and Emma. I don’t know about the rest of the people, but I had a blasty blast making and creating the underground dungeon map. It has so many little traps in it from spiky ball plates to poison arrow darts. You have to be really careful you don’t step on the pressure plates or else that route may be cut off for you for a good while until the spiky ball goes away. I also like how big the arena is as it allows you to have a lot more options for sneaking around people. The honey in the middle serves as a perfect flag passing area due to all the honey slowing down pursuers.

I really need to do more Terraria stuff … perhaps a new LP is in my future? 😀

Terraria Multiplayer – Capture the Flag 6 (featuring Hero, Emma, Matt)

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Note to self: Blizzard Staff + underground passages = stupid. I need to remember that next time. Still it was pretty funny catching people up top when they weren’t expecting it.

Terraria Multiplayer – Capture the Flag 5 (featuring Hero, Emma, Matt)

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This was a close game of capture the flag. Hero forgot to get us a reasonable amount of bullets and uzis go through quite a bit of ammo. The end really came down to who had the bullets and who didn’t. Fortunately I was able to pull off the juke for the win. Top lane FTW!

Terraria – WOW! 0.o

So it turns out that this Terraria game is pretty popular!

I’ve been following it for a few weeks now, watching all the content that the Alpha Testers released on Youtube and just couldn’t wait for the release. It finally came out on Monday which was a little earlier than expected … but that’s fine by me! I figured this would be a great opportunity to help out the community by making a series of tutorials designs with the absolute beginner in mind.

The entire playlist of tutorials:

Much like Minecraft, Terraria suffers from the fact that it is a fairly in-depth game but there isn’t a good tutorial system included in the game. At least Terraria does Minecraft one better by including at least a token guide NPC although he doesn’t really get as detailed as an absolute beginner would need it to be.

Well I’m three episodes into the series and my channel has BLOWN UP! As of right now I have nearly tripled my subscribers and my total video views. Within the first few hours of posting the first tutorial it got over 20 likes and 300 views! Now to most people these numbers are actually pretty trivial … but to me I find the fact that so many of you are interested in what I’m doing pretty amazing. Like I said before, my goal hasn’t ever been to BE TEH MOST POPULAR – it’s to post videos and commentary I think are interesting. I’m just glad that so many of you have decided to come along for the ride!

I also wanted to mention that I have posted the first episode of my Terraria Let’s Play to my channel as well.

Have a great day guys!