The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 4 Trailer (Telltale)

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Damnit … now we have to wait for the next episode. I really have a feeling that Clem will end up taking a leadership role in the next episode. Sara is going to be a problem too. I was actually expecting her to snap and just start killing people sometime around the Reggie thing. Either way this will be interesting.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – In Harm’s Way Part 4 (Telltale)

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Well this was a bit of a big episode. No spoilers but … SUCK IT CARVER YOU DICK!

I have a feeling that Clem will begin to take a leadership position in her little group. Maybe it’s just my perspective from the outside but she really is surrounded by a bunch of weak willed idiots. I think Telltale has put Clem (and thus the player) in the unique position of continuing to facilitate that attitude or work against it. I, for one, will work against it. I’ve always said that trying to behave in the same way you did before a zombie apocalypse is a baaad idea. You’ve got to fundamentally change your idea of social rules and priorities.

Anyway …

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – In Harm’s Way Part 3 (Telltale)

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So it turns out that Clem is a regular Ezio from Assassin’s Creed! Man that woman is pretty blind if she didn’t see that bright blue parka coming down from the skylight. The entire time I just knew that she was going to get caught. What’s weird is that Clem is getting old enough to really see some bad consequences if she gets caught. How much longer is she going to be able to rely on this “I’m a little girl” thing?

Scary to think about.

The Walking Dead – Season Two: In Harm’s Way (Part 2)

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Carver is kind of a dick … [insert body is not Reggie joke]. I really felt like this was going to happen sooner or later.

Youtube Thumbnails

Captians Vlog Promo

So I’ve been really enjoying creating thumbnails lately. I don’t know why but there’s something about being able to create quick but effective one-shot content that is just really satisfying. I find it really interesting to work on VERY subtle details like gradients, lighting, layers, and positioning to really make a thumbnail pop. Take for instance this Captain’s Vlog photo – the colors really meld well together and the background and render have a natural light focus just NW of center. Add in a subtle white gradient running diagonally, a border, and my Captain’s Vlog text and I’ve got a thumbnail that is both recognizable by the text style and functional due to the callback to the game played in the video.

The Walking Dead Thumb 5 Promo

This one was a bit harder. Honestly the background photo is probably not well suited to thumbnailing (is that even a word?). You see youtube puts the video duration on the lower right corner of every video regardless of the thumbnail. This means that sometimes your clever naming or photo subjects get covered up by “16:33” and a little square gradient. This makes me move all the thumbnail elements all around it making the raw thumbnail look lopsided.

The Walking Dead Thumb 3 Promo

I love the subject in this one. Unfortunately my choice to spell out the episode is completely covered by the duration youtube adds.

I <3 Clem! Anyway, new episodes to follow soon! I think I’m in the mood for a new movie poster.