Not a True Zelda Fan?

A funny thing happened today. I was browsing through my new Youtube comments today at work (during a break I promise!) and I came across this:

This comment was left on a Minecraft: Zelda Adventure video I made nearly a year ago. In this video I mention the fact that I have not finished Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and only recently finished Majora’s Mask. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not necessarily taking this to comment heart nor am I mad at the poster or anything.  I completely understand that Youtube comments can be an absolute cesspool of trolls and people who have absolutely nothing more to contribute than “F1RST!!1!!SHIFT”. If I got all bent out of shape every time someone poo-pooed one of my videos (or commentary, or game choice, or lack of Minecraft, etc.) then I wouldn’t have lasted very long at all. No …the comment simply confuses me.

Whose to say that not beating Ocarina of Time makes you not a fan of Zelda? Does it mean nothing that my family and I (mom, cousins, grandmother, etc) spent most of my childhood and early teen years playing Zelda: A Link to the Past over and over again? I have easily sunk over 500 into that Zelda game alone in my lifetime. I can swinging on a swing set and finally having the epiphany that you could use the fire rod to kill the ice monsters in the ice palace. I spent hours throwing shit into the fairy fountain just to see if I could get an upgrade like I did with the boomerang. This doesn’t even count all the time I’ve spent playing or watching other people play various other Zelda games. By the same token I could say that the poster (who, based on the data gathered by youtube analytics, is likely 12-16 years old and wasn’t even alive when LttP come out) isn’t a fan for not pouring 500 hours into the SNES game.

It just made me think about how we as gamers (and I guess humans in general) feel the need to not only quantify fandom, but also put other gamers into specific tiers. The same could be said about anything that we enjoy really: you are not a TRUE cigar smoker if you smoke infused cigars. You are not a TRUE BBQ cook if you use lighter fluid. You are not a TRUE college football fan unless you blindly support every decision the athletics program makes. Etc. etc.

I occasionally enjoy a good cigar after a long day and there is a saying from the cigar world that I think can be applied to a lot of things: ”

“Like what you smoke and smoke what you like.”

Applying this to the current situation: Why create artificial barriers between people who like the same thing? Why can’t we just enjoy a video of an awesome Zelda mod in Minecraft? Just a thought.


Happy Tuesday!

Zelda, Capsized, and Live Streaming!

Well sorry it’s been a bit since the last post – work has been keeping me pretty busy the last few weeks. With school starting again my department needs to serve a whole lot of students this year and it keeps me busy during the beginning and ends of semesters. Fortunately I’ve found enough time to post videos semi-regularly and I’ve even done a live stream or two. In case you missed it, I beat Super Mario World on the livestream!

Its taken a few weeks and I haven’t completed it 100% or anything, but was a lot of fun. I no have a few livestream regulars who come out every time I stream which is awesome. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU for the links, questions, and funny commentary. You guys are quickly making streaming one of my favorite ways of enjoying a game.

In other news:

Minecraft: Zelda Adventure has been a blast to play through so far. I’ve gotten through the fourth dungeon and man am I impressed with the detail of the mod. There are times where I honestly forgot I was playing a Minecraft mod and thought I was playing Zelda. Items like the boomerang and the spritework on the boss keys and chests really make this mod something else. (Click the cool picture to get to the playlist!)

Finally, I have just posted the last episode of my Capsized LP on my channel:

It’s been a fun ride and I really like how the game ended. For something that seems so simple, the game really added a lot of variety when it came to gameplay. There were so many different weapons to use (including the quantum WTF gun …) and each seemed to have it’s special uses in different situations. However, my favorite part of this game was definitely the physics. There is just something cool about playing a game in which you have some real control over your character’s movement but in interesting ways. Thinks like big jumps, grappling hooks, and jetpacks make one of the most boring aspects of gameplay – travel – much more fun. How many of you have wasted more than a few minutes just jumping around Mario 64? I know that I have spent hours just doing stupid stuff with all the different types of jumps available. Anyway, I have really liked Capsized and would totally recommend it to anyone. If you can pick it up on sale I would jump on it quick.
I hope you guys are having an excellent Monday! More fun stuff to come soon … as soon as work allows me.