Nintendo’s Creators Program

I’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo games. Everything from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Mario 3D World on the WiiU to Donkey Kong Country Returns and Pokemon on the 3DS. I’m buying up all the amiibos that I care to have and even trying to preorder a select few that haven’t come out yet. In fact I just preordered the Monster Hunter 4 Special Edition 3DS XL that’s set to come out on February 13th.

Nintendo Creators

Damn it Nintendo. It seems like every time I start to feel like you guys are the bee’s knees you go and do something stupid to mess it up. #backwards #outoftouch

Terraria Multiplayer – Capture the Flag 6 (featuring Hero, Emma, Matt)

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So this is the last episode of Terraria: Capture the Flag I recorded with Hero, Matt, and Emma. I don’t know about the rest of the people, but I had a blasty blast making and creating the underground dungeon map. It has so many little traps in it from spiky ball plates to poison arrow darts. You have to be really careful you don’t step on the pressure plates or else that route may be cut off for you for a good while until the spiky ball goes away. I also like how big the arena is as it allows you to have a lot more options for sneaking around people. The honey in the middle serves as a perfect flag passing area due to all the honey slowing down pursuers.

I really need to do more Terraria stuff … perhaps a new LP is in my future? 😀

Age of Empires II HD – whimpywhimpywhimpy Troll [Stream Highlights]

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So this was one of the best trolls I’ve seen on a stream. Before I got sick last week I had been playing a lot of age of empires. While each game isn’t nearly as long as Civ 5 they can still last several hours … especially when I’m casually messing around. Well after about 1.5 hours of a little bit of cheatsydoodle someone in chat trolled me hard. It had been years since I had last played Age of Empires and I could only remember two of the cheat codes: How do you turn this on and furious the monkey boy. Well the chat got me to put in whimpywhimpywhimpy which I though would shrink my units ….

Nope. It doesn’t shrink your units. It doesn’t shrink them at all!

Spelunky (PC Remake) – Worst Player NA

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So I may or may not be the worst player NA when it comes to Spelunky. I don’t know what it is but I can be given the most carry items ever and still not make it very far. I guess I just need to play more.

Spelunky (PC Remake) – Daily Challenge 7/12/14

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So Spelunky has returned to my channel and what better way to get it there than with a Failfish Daily Challenge! I think these will become a regular on my channel. Not exactly every day but definitely a couple each week. Too bad I’m horrible at the Spelunky remake …

Shovel Knight – Troupple King Dance WTF [Stream Highlights]

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So I was streaming Shovel Knight and this happened … WTF?

The Troupple King scares me. BTW Shovel Knight is amazing and you should pick it up!

Terraria Multiplayer – Capture the Flag 6 (featuring Hero, Emma, Matt)

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Note to self: Blizzard Staff + underground passages = stupid. I need to remember that next time. Still it was pretty funny catching people up top when they weren’t expecting it.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 4 Trailer (Telltale)

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Damnit … now we have to wait for the next episode. I really have a feeling that Clem will end up taking a leadership role in the next episode. Sara is going to be a problem too. I was actually expecting her to snap and just start killing people sometime around the Reggie thing. Either way this will be interesting.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – In Harm’s Way Part 4 (Telltale)

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Well this was a bit of a big episode. No spoilers but … SUCK IT CARVER YOU DICK!

I have a feeling that Clem will begin to take a leadership position in her little group. Maybe it’s just my perspective from the outside but she really is surrounded by a bunch of weak willed idiots. I think Telltale has put Clem (and thus the player) in the unique position of continuing to facilitate that attitude or work against it. I, for one, will work against it. I’ve always said that trying to behave in the same way you did before a zombie apocalypse is a baaad idea. You’ve got to fundamentally change your idea of social rules and priorities.

Anyway …

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – In Harm’s Way Part 3 (Telltale)

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So it turns out that Clem is a regular Ezio from Assassin’s Creed! Man that woman is pretty blind if she didn’t see that bright blue parka coming down from the skylight. The entire time I just knew that she was going to get caught. What’s weird is that Clem is getting old enough to really see some bad consequences if she gets caught. How much longer is she going to be able to rely on this “I’m a little girl” thing?

Scary to think about.