OCRemix: I Can Haz?


So, as most of you guys who have been with me for a while probably know, I LOVE OCRemix. As a classically trained musician of 13 years the video game’s music has always been a huge part of what makes it special. OCRemix takes that love to the next level by hosting remixes of some of my favorite video game soundtracks. Since the beginning of my Youtube career I’ve often borrowed some of their music to fit a mood in my videos and I’ve always tried to give back. Here’s an attempt to do just that.

For those of you who don’t know about OCRemix or what they do it’s pretty simple: They serve as a community for VG music remixers and VG music fans. Remixers will submit new material to a judging panel and, if they’re selected, the OCRemix admins will post their song on their site, twitter, and even Youtube! Its a fantastic way for new remixers to get valuable feedback and exposure for their work and for fans of VG music to hear their favorite tracks in awesome new ways. Of course all of the music is free to listen and even download … what more could you want?! Did I mention their users often get together and create entire remix albums based on a single game or theme? Yeah … it’s pretty awesome! I’ve lurked on their forums for a very long time and I’m happy to report that their forum members are generally really cool and positive people who give pretty damn good advice when it comes to remixing.

All that being said … I’ve always wanted to learn how to remix music myself. Some of you may recall me tweeting about the music that X (davidr64yt) had composed a while back. Well listening to that again has really inspired me to really get my hands dirty. It’s always bugged me that even with my degree in music I was never really exposed to creating digital music. I mean sure I had the mandatory class about using Finale and a little bit of qbass but it was more of a “these things exist” class than a how-to. Right now I’m trying to get my bearings using several DAW (digital¬†audio¬†workstations) and have even made my first (REALLY BAD) fill loop. It’ll be hard work and more than a little bit of learning but I’m hoping my previous experience in music will help me along the path. Maybe … just maybe … I’ll submit my own work and get it approved. Now that would be awesome!

Anyway, I implore anyone who reads this to go and check out OCRemix. Join their community and support the remixers that are proving FREE remixes of all of your favorite VG music! GOGOGOGOGOGO!