Review: Logitech G710+ – The Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

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This one took a while to do … I originally recorded 18 minutes of audio for this review and then jump cut it down to 12. In doing so I realized one thing: I am muuuch more eloquent when I jump cut. >.> You may not be able to tell but I actually had to zoom in and slightly rotate my camera footage in premiere. Turns out that recording a review on what amounts to a piece of wood on an ironing board doesn’t give you much wiggle room to see the whole product. All in all I think this turned out pretty good. I think I’m going to get a few things to change my review setup in the future. I’m looking at getting a dedicated review table and a DSLR camera as the first things on the list.

Gotta say that I love this keyboard. When I’m at work using my crappy dell keyboard I find myself missing the smooth tactile feel of the 710+. I also underplayed how much I beat the hell out of my Logitech keyboard … and it still works flawlessly. I don’t much use the G keys when gaming but I do use them a lot for video and audio recording.

Anyway, What do you guys think of this style of review?