New Streaming Assets

It’s been a while but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on something.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do some more livestreams and lately I have to agree with them. In preparation for what could be a LOT more streaming¬†… I’ve gone into photoshop to create some basic overlays for the stream. Here are a few (note that the dates and times aren’t accurate …. yet):

Streaming - In-Game Overlay


Stream - Short Break Overlay

Stream End


A lot of my assets have been favoring the dark purple/white border theme on Youtube and I think it’s time to do that on my livestream as well. Of course my music selection will be screen-grabbed into the music sections. They are basic but they work.

Now if I could just find the time to livestream I’d be good …

Work Work … The Next Week or So

Hi guys!

Well the past week has been pretty booked. Just as I got over the flu that I came down with last week I had to oversee the year-end inventory for my department. For those of you who have never worked in a retail environment let me put it to you this way: IT SUCKS! Basically you have a third party individually count all your merchandise and you verify it. Then you match that total with your books and then balance it all like a checkbook. Seems simple right? Well when you are working in an institution with about 5 million dollars of merchandise at COST (not even retail!) you can probably imagine how sticky that can be. Then factor in the fact that we have 9 different departments and you have a recipe for a massive week long headache! Fortunately, it’s over now and went about as smooth as you could expect. Unfortunately, this also meant that I haven’t had a lot of time for new videos. Well … that and I’ve been playing too much League of Legends! ;p

I’ve been really having a blast with it so far. I’ve been a sucker for tower defense games since I was little. There’s something that’s so addictive about the sense of progression how you can customize most of the TD games. Check out, for example, Desktop Tower Defense. I absolutely LOVE this game! If this somehow came out on iOS I’d probably disappear only to be found dead in a ditch with my iPad in my hands … >.>  Anyway, back to LoL … I like how it’s a new (or at least new to me) take on TD. Instead of building towers to defend you base against various kinds of creeps you simply play one of many VERY different mobile towers that can be customized to your style of gameplay. I love the flavor of each of the champions.  Even though many of the mechanics are the same (slows, stuns, fears, etc.) each champion feels different in both controls and abilities. Being a long time WoW player the concept of tanking, CC, and DPS (called carries in LoL) come naturally. Also, much like WoW, playing the game solo isn’t a whole lot of fun … when you submit to the random matching system you are often paired up against 1EE7 kiddies, racist pricks, and people who leave/AFK and make the match an impossible 4v5 affair. That said, playing with your friends is a lot of fun. I posted this video a couple of days ago and have since had a few of you in my games. Like the video says, hit me up on twitter with your details and we’ll get some games in!
In other news, Ian and I released episodes 3 and 4 of The Legend of Blackbeard’s Castle. Be sure to give it a thumb and spread the word! Being honest (and a little biased) I think it’s one of the better Terraria multiplayer LP’s out there. I’d love to see it get some more attention!

Now, I’ve got a lot of content coming for the next week or so. I actually have a four day weekend (YAY DAYS OFF!) and I plan to use it to develop at least a week’s worth of videos if not more. I think that it’s easier and me and better for you guys if I’m working ahead of schedule rather than scrambling to post a video every day or so. That being said please let me know what you want to see in the future so I can get it into the rotation! If I end up working ahead it may take me a bit to get to some requests but I will definitely try to get to them in time.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week and you enjoy your July 4th holiday!

This Week: The Legend of Blackbeard’s Castle, One Shots: Duels of the Planeswalkers, and L4D2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It’s been good to finally not be sick and get back into the swing of things! Since I updated my copy of Sony Vegas I haven’t been having to deal with the frustrating issues that had been slowing me down since I started all this. I’m especially grateful for the reduced loading times (importing video to the timeline is now instant rather than taking 20+ minutes) and I seemed to have fixed the black screen and audio sync errors that plague videos that would otherwise be amazing … (here’s looking at you One Shots: Assassin’s Creed and Multiplayer Magicka)

Late Saturday night Ian and I uploaded the first two episodes of The Legend of Blackbeard’s Castle. You can find them along with the trailer in my playlist:

Here’s an embedded playlist for convenience:

I’ve gotta say, from the music and credits to the commentary, this series is some of the highest quality work I’ve done so far. I think that, man-crush aside, Ian work well together on screen: he brings some needed humor, spontaneity, and excitement to the table. Likewise, I bring a bit of focus and structure and act as a kind of sounding board to Ian’s jokes. If you’ve ever seen WWF wrestling when The King and JR were the commentators it’s a lot like that. Ian is definitely the color commentator (The King) and I am the straight man (JR) and it works really well. Your response has been overwhelmingly positive which really helps to justify the sheer amount of time Ian and I worked on these. We really really appreciate it! We are expecting the next two episode to come out Friday or Saturday of this week. Please leave us some feedback in the comments of the videos!
Next up, I posted a One Shot of Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswakers 2012 and it went over pretty well.

I love Magic the Gathering. I love how the complexity and depth can be scaled depending on how deep you and your opponent want to go. I’m glad to see that Wizards of the Coast have begun to realize that their MTGO isn’t going to appeal to anyone but the hardcore Magic players and have begun to release more casual games for the rest of us. I mean, have you seen MTGO? I’m not knocking anyone who likes it or anything, but I spent about two weeks trying to break into it and all I lost was my patience, 20 hours of time, and like $150 in wasted ticket money. These Duels of the Planeswalkers games are fairly cheap (~$10) and can be played in both single and multiplayer mode. I hope that, in the future, Wizards continues to expand the cardpool available to the player instead of locking them into set decks with limited upgrades … but I can understand why they probably won’t. They’ve got to hook you somehow don’t they? Well I can dream ..
Finally, I wanted to highlight a mini series that I just finished uploading today. In my opinion it has some of the funniest commentary on my channel yet. The funniest episode is probably the fifth:

About the 12 minute mark Ian begins to rage about his mouse: hilarity ensues. Honestly, this is probably my favorite stuff on the channel so far so be sure to check it out if you haven’t. I may end up posting a pseudo-vlog highlighting what I think is the best content on my channel. I think it would be helpful for new subscribers to get their barrings as the amount of my content grows.

Anyway, that is about it for this week. Perhaps I’ll have some more information about next week’s content in a couple of days. I hope all of you are having a great week!