Youtube Thumbnails

Captians Vlog Promo

So I’ve been really enjoying creating thumbnails lately. I don’t know why but there’s something about being able to create quick but effective one-shot content that is just really satisfying. I find it really interesting to work on VERY subtle details like gradients, lighting, layers, and positioning to really make a thumbnail pop. Take for instance this Captain’s Vlog photo – the colors really meld well together and the background and render have a natural light focus just NW of center. Add in a subtle white gradient running diagonally, a border, and my Captain’s Vlog text and I’ve got a thumbnail that is both recognizable by the text style and functional due to the callback to the game played in the video.

The Walking Dead Thumb 5 Promo

This one was a bit harder. Honestly the background photo is probably not well suited to thumbnailing (is that even a word?). You see youtube puts the video duration on the lower right corner of every video regardless of the thumbnail. This means that sometimes your clever naming or photo subjects get covered up by “16:33” and a little square gradient. This makes me move all the thumbnail elements all around it making the raw thumbnail look lopsided.

The Walking Dead Thumb 3 Promo

I love the subject in this one. Unfortunately my choice to spell out the episode is completely covered by the duration youtube adds.

I <3 Clem! Anyway, new episodes to follow soon! I think I’m in the mood for a new movie poster.

Celebrating 1,000 Subscribers!



No really … WTF?

Ok, let me explain … Sometime last week my channel passed 1,000 subscribers. I didn’t even realize it when it happened – one of my subscribers had to point it out to me. This is a huge deal for me. As I’ve described in previous posts on this site, I never really intended to do anything like a real Let’s Play channel when I first started. It was more of an experiment and to say that I’d done it. Now I get people chatting with me about my videos on League of Legends, people adding me on steam, and someone even bought me a steam game! All of this is new to me and I’m really enjoying ride. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in this just for the subscriber numbers/internet fame (although I’m not specifically opposed either ;p). However, what the numbers/comments/messages represent IS extremely important to me – they represent the support you guys have for what I do. When I see that support it really makes me feel like all the hard work I put into making the videos is worthwhile.

Anyway, I was thinking of ways to celebrate the 1,000 sub milestone and I can’t decide on one cool thing to do … so I’m going to do several things! The first is this video:

I’m also in the process of doing quite a few other things in celebration:

  • LP’s of Minecraft adventure maps (like the Super Hostile series)!
  • A few One Shots of Terraria adventure maps.
  • A contest video of some kind.
  • Perhaps some collab stuff with both Ian and a couple other awesome people!

Again, I want to encourage all of you to leave me some feedback on what you want to see both here and in the comments of the videos. I may not have the time to dedicate to the creation process that some of the big names do, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get to it eventually.

Thanks again for all your support guys!  Your comments and the like make my day!


I iz sick …

Hi guys! So video production and progress on all of my top secret plans have been pretty slow the last week because … I got the flu! It turns out that getting the flu in the middle of summer is pretty dumb. I was completely gone for about four days and only started getting around again sometime last Sunday. Work has also not been much help as my department is preparing for “Year End Inventory” which basically consists of all of the staff recounting items that have been counted by an outside company. That will be over at the end of next week but I will be kept pretty busy until then.

In other news, last week I released a trailer for the Terraria dual commentary Ian (from Verbal Processing) that should be coming out soon. In case you missed it here it is:

This actually took quite a bit of time to make but I had a blast doing it. It’s my second attempt at an “epic” sounding trailer and I think it turned out really well! Although I did the video and sound editing, Ian helped out a lot as well. He made the pirate animation in after effects and recorded the audio in his epic movie voice. I’m really excited to produce this series – it’s sooo funny! I’ll be hosting the odd episodes on my channel while Ian will be hosting the even episodes on his. Look for the first and second episodes sometime late this week!

Speaking of dual commentary, Ian and I have been messing around with games other than Terraria too. I’ve been trying to record bits of it as we go but we both agree that its been nice to sit down and just play games for once. We’ve both been so focused on producing some quality content for you guys and it can be really easy to get lost in all that. That said, here is a bit of one of our sessions:

As always, it’s pretty funny. Unfortunately, there’s about a 45 second black screen error because Vegas decided that it didn’t want to render properly. I really need to invest in getting the latest offerings from Sony now that this whole YouTube thing has begun to mature a bit. Maybe I can swing some academic pricing and set aside some money …

Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well. I’ll be posting episode 11 of the Terraria Let’s Play after I get off work today.

Looks Like Things are on the Up and Up!

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post – I promise to make posting a semi-regular occurrence. A LOT of things have happened over the last week that I’d like to share:

Front Page on Terraria Online!

In the last two weeks I have been featured on the Terraria Online front page! Confuzzledyma has been kind enough to post two of my How-To Terraria Tutorial videos on the news feed of the website. You can find them here:

Featured Boss Guide: SKELETRON!

Featured Boss Guide: Eye of Cthulhu

I’m glad that the boss guides were so well received! A big shoutout goes to Confuzzledyma and the TO team for showing me some support!

New Let’s Play: Terraria Intro

I hate having black bars around my videos. Because Terraria recorded in 800×600 resolution I had to photoshop some bars on the left and right sides of each video. While I like messing around in photoshop, I am by no means any good at it. I think the old bars look OK but they are definitely not as good as seeing a video in wide screen. However, last week the 1.03 Terraria update went live and it is now possible to record Terraria footage in widescreen on most normal resolutions! Time to create a new title intro:

This was actually a lot of fun to make. I was able to find the sounds from a royalty free source and all the movement was done in Sony Vegas. Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you guys think!

500 Subscribers!

Sometime in the middle of last week I passed over 500 subscribers. In fact, as I type this now I have 574! This is largely due to the Terraria Online features discussed above. Still, it is AMAZING to me that so many people are enjoying what I’m doing. I really appreciate the support you guys are showing through the views, comments, thumbs, and subscriptions. Keep it up!

Anyway, I think that this will do for now. I have a couple of projects in the works so stay tuned for more info!