Vanilla WoW on a Private Server!

So. World of Warcraft. That game and I have a looong history together. In total I spent about 5 years of my life playing the retail version of that game. I started in late Vanilla in 2006 just a few months before the Burning Crusade expansion and played through the beginning of Cataclysm. I’ve leveled dozens of characters, played each class but rogue (ew), lead casual guilds, spent some serious quality time with the GF leveling human paladins, raided with the top guilds on my server, participated in exploration, and gained a butt ton of achievements after that feature was introduced.

Despite all my time and all the quality of life improvements over the years I found myself craving the same excitement of discovering things for the first time. I started hardcore exploration in an effort to capture the magic of discovering things for the first time … however due to the exploitative nature of exploration Blizzard seemed determined to nerf it at every turn. The way I quit wow was odd really: I bought Cataclysm, leveled to 85 and quit a week later. No real notice and no real reason. I just stopped logging on. Since then I’ve re-subbed a couple of times just to try to get that old feeling back but I can never stick around more than a week or so. Even the Hallows End event (that would be the Halloween themed holiday event) isn’t enough to keep me around more than a few days.

That was until I saw Smooth McGroove was playing Vanilla WoW last night. Yup. The Smooth McGroove that does all those AWESOME acapellas of great video game music. Somehow he was playing on a server that was only updated to WoW version 1.2.1 without the AQ gates open. Obviously he was playing on a private server but, you see, my understanding of private servers was that they were an unstable, buggy, and questionably legal. However, the server he was playing on was legit – or at least as legit as a private server could be. 1x experience rates, 1x drop rates, no stupid bonuses or free gear for donating, and the scripting for the server was supposed to be near perfect. Watching him run around vanilla Ironforge with his partially geared lvl 60 NE Hunter was enough to make me instantly download the client from the server’s website.

I would love all of you guys to join me! Here are the details:

  • Here’s the link to the server website:
  • To download the client, register an account, and play are all FREE. i.e. no donation required.
  • The server is patch 1.12.1 or 1.12.2 before the AQ gates are opened.
  • You need to download the specific server client and you can find here: Just follow the instructions on that page.
  • All experience and drop rates are x1. This is the first private server I’ve come across that is truly “Blizz-like”.
  • Chat interaction is disabled until level 3. Just create your character and do some of the starter quests until you are lvl 3 and then you can whisper someone for a guild invite.
  • We are alliance side. Sorry hordies!
  • The guild that I’m in with Smooth is called Smooth McGuild. Simply message Whom, Sevein, Leahcimrak, Smoothling, or Killikili or an invite. ALL ARE WELCOME!
  • The server is based in Germany and serves a large mix of Russian and European communities. Smooth McGuild plans on upping the English speaking community during US play times.
  • Smooth McGrove says the guild will focus on on casually raiding all the vanilla content, doing some classic battlegrounds, world PVP, and leveling.

By the end of the stream last night the Guild was up to 38 members! I can’t tell you how cool it was to spend a couple of hours leveling in Coldridge Valley with a bunch of guildies doing the same thing. There is just something about taking the long walk from Anvilmar to Kharanos during a full vanilla blizzard (complete with amazing ambient wind sounds) that takes me right back.

Come join us!