Guild Wars 1 – Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall

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Man tracking down a copy of the Guild Wars Trilogy and expansion was waaay harder than it should have been. Yeah I could have gotten them on steam but steam wants ~$50 for both. There’s no way in hell I’m paying nearly full price for a game that’s almost 9 years old. You would think that I would be able to find some site to buy the keys for them … but nearly all the normal key sites don’t have them in stock. They’ll have each campaign – Prophecies, Nightfall, and Factions + expansion separately but not the combined pack. If you buy each separately you would end up paying ~$60! Just crazy …

I finally found the keys at this site:

Don’t worry about the German site – it’s legit. I got my keys in a couple of minutes through email and paid through paypal. Now … if Arenanet would fix their damn account creation I would be a happy camper. I spent an hour and a half just trying to create a Guild Wars 1 account and log in. You see you have to have a login with Guild Wars, the NCsoft store (not the same), and, if you own GW2, GW2 (also not the same). That’s right … THREE separate accounts and logins. It’s just so backwards I don’t even …

Now I can at least earn rewards for GW2 while playing Guild Wars. Do you guys still play? If so we should do a stream party or something.

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